Art Classes

Our Spring Semester (April 17th - June 7th) registration is open. Classes are hosted from Wednesday to Friday after school. We are continuing our special program “Creative Minds” (16:00-17:30) that is specially designed for children (age6-16) who have a heart for art but want to learn more than just paint. This is a project-based learning course. During the 8 classes session, students will meet 4 professional artists sharing their passion towards 4 art forms. This spring we will have Ifrah Mansour to kick off the session by sharing some Somali culture while teaching students how to make their own "Healing Aqal"; we will also have 3 other artists teaching Scent, Graffiti and Origami Art. Our goal is to give a platform for everyone to explore the art world and find their own voice in it. 

At the same time, if one and half hours of art practice sounds too short. We crafted 3 other courses at a later time (18:00-19:30) to let you have a deeper dive into 3 different fields. Those classes are for age 6+, adults are welcome to join as well. Wednesday night is “Photography+Video+Sculpture”, Thursday night is Pottery+Mosaic+Installation, and Friday night is Drawing+Textile+Painting. From beginners to more advanced students, our classes are tailored to accommodate individual needs and foster growth in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.