Summer Camp

Young children learn to understand the world through play. Art is like play but can be more intentional. Through art children not only explore the world but also learn how to express themselves. Through different mediums, art invites us to touch, feel, and transform. It’s almost the best language for us to ground our imagination, to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, allowing people from different backgrounds to connect and understand each other through visual expression.

During our full week camp, kids are invited to do some physical activities at our gym space, such as zumba kids, yoga meditation, indoor futsal, martial arts, jump rope, hula hoop, etc. We will also have them learn the art of food by having them make their own lunch in our full size kitchen space. And of course every week we will have a different medium to play with in our art classes. From still life painting to digital art animation; from cardboard sculpture to point shoot photography lesson; from hand-build pottery to mosaic on the wall. Come and join us for the fun you can have at a creative art camp!